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Blueprint for Wellness


FAQ's - Lab Work

FAQ's - Lab Work

Commonly Asked Lab Work Questions


Why can't I get Qualifying Labs done in my Physicians Office or at a different Lab?

A special process is needed in order for the Lab Work Results to be combined properly with the Blueprint Health Questionnaire. Therefore, only trained designated sites can conduct the Lab Work.

OTHER LAB WORK: Can I get other Lab Work done at the same time as my qualifying labs?

Yes. Additional Labs can be drawn at a Quest PSC, but we do not recommend it due to potential for error.  If your Physician needs additional labs you will need a lab slip from your physician.

What does my Qualifying Lab Work Include?

The Manatee YourChoice Health Plan Blueprint FASTING Lab Work includes:

·        CBC

·        CMP

·        Electrolytes

·        Liver and Kidney Function

·        Lipid Profile

·        TSH w/reflex to FT4

·        Hemoglobin A1C

·        Cotinine – Measures Nicotine Level

·        PSA for men age 45 and over

Do I need to FAST before my lab draw?

Yes. DRINK only WATER. Do not eat or drink anything EXCEPT WATER for at least 9 hours prior to your lab draw appointment.

Lab Work Results

  • You will receive an email notification once your results are ready. You may access your results by logging on to the Blueprint System using the username and password you created for your EREQ. Results will also be mailed to your home.
  • Results are not sent to your Physician unless you enter their fax number when viewing the results online. You must take your Lab Work Results to your Physician during your wellness exam.