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Manatee County Government employees have the option of electing vision insurance through Aetna.

Eyeglasses and Eye Chart

The Aetna Vision Preferred plan helps you save on eyeglasses, contacts and more. You'll get an allowance to buy frames or contacts at any one of the nationwide providers, including LensCrafters, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, and more!

NOTE: The YourChoice Medical Plan covers a routine vision exam every year for all members. Refer to the medical section for more information.

         Monthly Rates

Employee Only


Employee + Spouse


Employee + Child(ren)


Employee + Family (spouse & children)



Find in-network providers

At, you can view providers, manage your benefits and view your ID card. Search by name, location or even by the brand name of the frames you want. You can also visit any licensed eye care provider outside the network. But if you do, you may pay more out of pocket. And you may have to file your own claims.