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Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment for Plan Year 2021 begins Friday, October 23rd and ends on Friday, November 6th.

It is the one opportunity each year employees are allowed to make changes to their insurance coverage without experiencing a family status change, including:

  • CONFIRM benefit elections with no changes
  • WAIVE coverage
  • ADD or DROP Medical, Dental, Vision or Child Life Insurance
  • APPLY FOR, DROP, or REDUCE Employee or Spouse Life Insurance*
  • ADD Short Term Disability without medical history
  • ENROLL in a Flex Spending Account
  • UPDATE beneficiary information*
  • CONFIRM medical plan level
  • CONFIRM Health Bucks

*Employees can apply for, drop, or reduce employee or spouse life insurance, or make changes to beneficiaries, at any time throughout the year.

Annual Enrollment

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Benefit Enrollment System

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