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Blueprint for Wellness

Blueprint For Wellness

Blueprint for Wellness is an annual activity for all health plan members.  

Your insurance must be in effect to start
  • All new hires and their adult dependents age 19+ have 3 months from their benefits effective date to complete their Blueprint for Wellness labs
  • All nicotine free results will maintain their Ultimate Plan status
  • All nicotine exposed results will be an automatic placement in the Best Plan
  • Please review our FAQ's for more details

Please see the below chart for further clarification on benefits effective dates and correlating lab draw due dates:

Benefits Effective Date Lab Draw Due Date
1/1/24 or prior 3/31/24
2/1/24 4/30/24
3/1/24 5/31/24
4/1/24 6/30/24
5/1/24 7/31/24
6/1/24 8/31/24
7/1/24 9/30/24
8/1/24 10/31/24
9/1/24 11/30/24
10/1/24* 12/31/24
11/1/24* 1/31/25
12/1/24* 2/28/25


For more information on the two available plans, please review here: Ultimate and Best

Designated Lab Draw Sites


1.     Quest Patient Service Center (PSC) Must order an EREQ online for this location prior to arrival.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling available at time of completing your EREQ or call 1-855-623-9355.

2.      All For Life - EREQ's not available for this location.  Upon arrival request a "Manatee/Blueprint for Wellness Test REQ".

  • MSO Personnel only -  Appointments Preferred  Phone: (941) 780-6161, ext. 103.    
    • ​​​Location:  MSO Ops
    • Day/Time:  Tuesday/Thursday, 7:30am-10:30am
    • Book Now
  • Open to all MYC Health Plan Members - Online Appointments Required  
    • Location:  All For Life, State Rd 64 location (5307 SR-64E, Bradenton)
    • Day/Time:  Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm.
    • Book Now


For Quest Appointments Only:  EREQ Electronic Lab Test Requisition/Scheduling an Appt


Follow the below steps to Schedule* a Lab Draw and/or to Create an EREQ for labs done at a Quest PSC:

* Blueprint lab requests are accessible January 1 and close for the last 2 weeks of December

1.     Go to Blueprint for Wellness 

2.     Enter your username and Password under "Log In" if you logged in within the past few years.  Click "Create Account" if you have not logged in previously.
The Registration Key is Manatee.
The Unique ID# is participant's Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY) + Last 4 Digits SS#.

3.     Choose "Schedule A Screening".
Follow steps to schedule appt which will create your EREQ.
It is recommended you print the requisition and take to your lab draw.

Forgot User Name and/or Password? 1-855-623-9355


Printing Results of Blueprint Blood Draw:
If your blood draw was done at Quest OR All For Life, test results can be reviewed and printed from the Blueprint for Wellness website using your Quest log in.  Also, results will not be mailed to your home address as they had been in previous years.  If you need a printed copy, please use your Quest log in.