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Family Resources

Family Resources

Caregiver Support

The Alzheimer's Association offers support for those caring for aging family members with Alzheimers.  If you are interested in learning more about Alzheimer's and Dementia for someone you are caring for or want to learn about healthy living for your own brain health, the Alzheimer's Assoction offers free seminars to help.

Seminar Dates & Locations

For more information, reach out to Bernice Pelea, Care & Support, Program Manager at

Bernice Pelea Business Card

Empathy - a comprehensive approach to bereavement support by Securian Financial

We know that loss is inevitable — but when it happens, many of us are unprepared for the emotional and practical challenges it may bring. That’s why Securian Financial is excited to announce that Empathy, a bereavement support service that helps beneficiaries get back on their feet following the loss of a loved one, is available starting April 5th.

Seamlessly incorporated into our claims experience — beneficiaries will be guided to Empathy’s app and desktop site during the claims process.

Empathy for what's ahead

Available at no cost, Empathy offers holistic support and on-demand guidance after experiencing a loss.

  • Real-time human support from a team of dedicated Care Managers
  • A personalized care plan tailored to the family’s needs
  • Guidance navigating the probate process
  • Probate and estate settlement guidance
  • Emotional and grief resources to help process grief and bring about healing
  • Time-saving tools that simplify and guide users through complex tasks (e.g., closing accounts, funeral planning)
  • And more

Watch a short video about Empathy

Empathy Flyer

Together, Empathy and Securian Financial can assist beneficiaries with the challenges they face after the loss of a loved one. 

How to access this benefit
Beneficiaries will be invited to take advantage of this program via the app or website during the claims process.  Visit or download the Empathy app and use access code:  emp-securian.  
Call 720-903-4944 to be matched with your dedicated Care Manager.