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Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing Scorecard Activities and Resources

Promote one of our Quarterly Fitness Challenges at any time! 

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Promote YouTube resources for desk stretching.  Simply copy and paste this exact email and send it out to your staff!


Remember to take your Ergo Breaks!  Ergo Breaks or Micro Breaks are a quick 2-3 minute pause from work helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday.

  • Take a 2 minutes walk down the hall to strech hips and legs
  • For every 30 minutes of sitting, get 3 minutes of movement
  • Roll your shoulders and wrists to loosen up tension from repetitive routines
  • Have a quick chat with a coworker

Try one of these 3 minute videos to stretch upper body! Neck and Shoulder Release Chest Release Low Back Release

Try one of these videos to strech lower body!  Hamstring Release  Hip Release

Use this ergo tips flyer to ensure that your work station is set up for optimal comfort.  Ergo Tips Flyer  



Host an advocate to your worksite!  In-person or zoom to learn about important life style management strategies.  Simply click on the advocates name to generate an email to schedule.  If in-person or zoom is not available to you, share the voiced over presentations below.
Allison Minardi, Worksite Wellness Manager, x3667
  • Strength Training for Longevity: Cardiovascular training, like running or walking is great, but did you know that resistance training is backed by science as the “key to longevity.” This presentation will explain why, although moving and training your heart is important, why you should carve out time, and in some cases, even prioritize strength training. 
  • MSK Resources for 2022: – Feeling discomfort in your back? Shoulders? MYC has a variety of resources to help you! Learn them all!
  • Movement for Brain Health: Learn how adding more movement to your daily routine can improve cognitive function, improve overall mood, and positively impact your total well-being. (Voiced Over option available online)
  • Worksite Ergonomics (2021 presentation) – Learn how to set yourself and your workspace up for success! Mitigate discomfort in back, hips, and shoulders with some simple takeaways to preserve your musculoskeletal integrity. (Voiced over presentation available online)

Julie Drackett, Fitness Coordinator, x3966

  • Practicing Self-Care for a Healthier You!:  In this presentation you will learn what self-care means, the daily barriers we face, and how we can overcome those barriers. We will talk about the 8 dimensions of Wellness and how we can build a solid self-care plan based around those 8 dimensions. You will walk away with valuable resources and tools to start feeling better today! 
  • Posture: how to improve and preserve your spine (2021 presentation) : Learn about the importance and overall health impact of a healthy spine and strong posture. Takeaway some strategies to address posture as well as simple stretches and exercises to improve it.

Florey Miller, Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator, x6410

  • Make A Plan: Healthy Eating Habits to prevent and manage Type II Diabetes: Learn about diet/nutrition strategies to address blood sugars and A1C.
  • Keto diet myths and simple how to: (Zoom or In Person)
  • What to eat to help decrease inflammation: (Zoom or In Person)

Debbie Miskell, Nurse Advocate, x6407

  • Blood pressure clinic: Learn about blood pressure, the effects of elevated blood pressure, how to use a pressure cuff and strategies to improve cardiovascular health

Vanessa Rene, Pharmacy Technician, x 6418

Host a Pharmacist–contact Vanessa Rene, x6418
Host a Nurse-contact Jennifer Ruiz, x6409
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