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Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing Scorecard Activities and Resources

Promote one of our Quarterly Fitness Challenges at any time! 

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Promote YouTube resources for desk stretching.  Simply copy and paste this exact email and send it out to your staff!


Remember to take your Ergo Breaks!  Ergo Breaks or Micro Breaks are a quick 2-3 minute pause from work helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday.

  • Take a 2 minutes walk down the hall to strech hips and legs
  • For every 30 minutes of sitting, get 3 minutes of movement
  • Roll your shoulders and wrists to loosen up tension from repetitive routines
  • Have a quick chat with a coworker

Try one of these 3 minute videos to stretch upper body! Neck and Shoulder Release Chest Release Low Back Release

Try one of these videos to strech lower body!  Hamstring Release  Hip Release

Use this ergo tips flyer to ensure that your work station is set up for optimal comfort.  Ergo Tips Flyer  



Host an advocate to your worksite!  In-person or zoom to learn about important life style management strategies.  Simply click on the advocates name to generate an email to schedule.  If in-person or zoom is not available to you, share the voiced over presentations below.
Julie Drackett, Fitness Coordinator, x3966
  • Stretching and Movement for a Better You!  In this presentation you will learn about the many benefits that come with stretching and safe ways to stretch the body. You will learn about the health risks of being sedentary and ways you can sneak in more movement to counteract these health risks. It is finished with a short motivational TED talk!
    • A 15 minute stretching session can also conclude this presentation
  • Practicing Self-Care for a Healthier You!:  In this presentation you will learn what self-care means, the daily barriers we face, and how we can overcome those barriers. We will talk about the 8 dimensions of Wellness and how we can build a solid self-care plan based around those 8 dimensions. You will walk away with valuable resources and tools to start feeling better today! 
  • Posture: how to improve and preserve your spine (2021 presentation) : Learn about the importance and overall health impact of a healthy spine and strong posture. Takeaway some strategies to address posture as well as simple stretches and exercises to improve it.

Vanessa Rene, Pharmacy Benefits Specialist, x 6418

Host a Pharmacist–contact Vanessa Rene, x6418
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