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Your MYC Advocates

Your MYC Advocates

Your MYC Advocates

The definition of an advocate is an individual who assists people in accessing and understanding appropriate information and services. At MYC, we have health advocates from each discipline that are here to help develop your health literacy and build your awareness of the services and benefits we offer to support your health journey.



The Advocate News Letter

Health tips and resources for MCG employees and their families:


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Meet Your W@W Advocates

Allison Minardi

Worksite Wellness Manager

(941)748-4501, x3667
  • Ergonomics & Desk Station set up
  • Posture Assessments
  • Pre-Work Stretch program
Allison Minardi

Claribel Gill, MS

LAMP Counselor & Psychiatric Clinic Coordinator
(941) 748-4501, x 6408
  • Individual, couples, and family counseling
  • Schedules appointments for in-house counseling, Psychiatric ARNP, and assists with medication management calls
Claribel Gill, MS

Debbie Miskell, RN

Nurse Advocate
(941) 748-4501, x6407
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Proper sleep, bone heatlh, & heart health
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • Providor Referrals
  • Nurse Related Questions
Debbie Miskell, RN

Florey Miller, CDE, RD

Nutrition & Diabetes Advocate
(941) 748-4501, x 6410
  • Help managing diabetes
  • Discuss nutrition and diet
  • Assess risk for diabetes
Florey Miller, CDE, RD

Jennifer Ruiz, RN

Nurse Advocate & Health First Coord.
(941) 748-4501, x6409
  • Nurse Advocacy
  • Health First
  • Bariatric Program Coordinator
  • Healthy Weight Resources
  • General Health Guidance
  • Community Physician Referrals
Jennifer Ruiz, RN

Julie Drackett

Fitness Coordinator
(941) 748-4501, x3966
  • Learn stretches and strengthening moves to support mobility and decrease discomfort
  • Workspace ergonomic assessments
  • Fitness Programs
Julie Drackett

Kay Renshaw, RD/LDN

Nutrition Advocate

Kay is a registered dietitian/nutritionist. Registered dietitians are the medical community’s ‘go-to’ subject matter experts on nutrition and dietary topics.

Kay Renshaw

Ro Mohamed

Health Services Manager

Ro is delighted to be a part of Manatee County and the Manatee YourChoice team. Her work spans across multiple sectors in the fields of community health and workplace wellness, targeting vulnerable populations. Ro has a strong professional background in health promotion, program management, group facilitation, and community engagement. 

Ro Mohamed

Vanessa Rene, CPHT, RPHT

Pharmacy & Tobacco Advocate
(941) 748-4501, x6418
  • Tobacco Cessation Aids
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Vaccination Questions
  • Compound Reimbursements
  • Pharmacy Related Questions
Vanessa Rene, CPHT, RPHT

Meet Your Health Benefits Specialist, Katherine Pettitt

Katherine Pettitt

Health Benefits Specialist

Katherine Pettitt
(941) 748-4501, x6404

Katherine has many years of employee benefits experience, as an Account Manager for an insurance agency, and as a Benefit Specialist for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). She is bilingual (Spanish/English), knowledgeable, and provides great customer service to the employees and retirees of Manatee County.

Katherine Pettitt