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Physical Wellbeing

Scorecard Activities and Resources

Host a wellness advocate to your worksite!  In-person or zoom to learn about important lifestyle management strategies. Topics may include:

  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Stretch & Move For a Better You
  • Practicing Self-Care For a Better You
  • Postural Alignment
  • The Importance of Sleep
  • Nutrition Guidlines - What Should We Eat?

Please reach out to Julie or Dan to discuss topics and to schedule a presentation.


Promote Tobacco Cessation Program, Click Here for more details.


Promote Hinge Health, Click Here for more details.

Additional Resources:

Promote YouTube resources for desk stretching.  Simply copy and paste this exact email and send it out to your staff!


Remember to take your Ergo Breaks!  Ergo Breaks or Micro Breaks are a quick 2-3 minute pause from work helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday.

  • Take a 2 minutes walk down the hall to strech hips and legs
  • For every 30 minutes of sitting, get 3 minutes of movement
  • Roll your shoulders and wrists to loosen up tension from repetitive routines
  • Have a quick chat with a coworker

Try one of these 3 minute videos to stretch upper body! Neck and Shoulder Release
Try one of these videos to strech lower body!  Hamstring Release  Hip Release

Use this ergo tips flyer to ensure that your work station is set up for optimal comfort.  Ergo Tips Flyer