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Champion Role

Champion Role

Role of the Wellbeing Champions:

A Wellness Champion is a volunteer employee who advocates and promotes health and wellness to other employees at their worksite location.

  • Identify Manatee YourChoice sponsored wellbeing initiatives that best fit their worksite’s needs and coordinate with the Worksite Wellbeing Manager for Manatee YourChoice to bring them onsite
  • Support and promote a healthy worksite environment and activities that align with our W@W program and scorecard
  • Distribute wellbeing communications to employees
  • Track and report wellbeing program activities on the W@W Scorecard and submit annually to earn achieved points level

Role of Management:

  • Create a supportive environment that promotes healthy behaviors
  • Encourage staff participation and acceptance by supporting and promoting wellbeing activities and the champion
  • Provide meeting rooms if available as needed for wellbeing activities
  • Allow Champion to utilize space in common staff area to post wellbeing materials
  • Offer Champion time at staff meetings for wellbeing updates and distribution of materials

Role of Worksite Wellbeing Manager, Julie Drackett

  • Establish measurable wellbeing program goals
  • Provide resources for wellbeing activities and programs
  • Support and encourage management and champions to engage in W@W through facilitation, providing timely resources and opportunities for Champions to utilize
  • Serve as liaison between Manatee YourChoice and network providers/partners or resources
  • Provide communication tools, materials and ongoing support

Become A Champion

If your location does not have an assigned champion and this role sounds like a fit for you, please contact Julie Drackett:  X3966