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Early Upgrade

Early Upgrade

Nicotine-exposed members that have quit using nicotine-containing products can early upgrade to the Ultimate plan anytime throughout the year. After completion of 2 negative lab draws at least 90 days apart and all medical qualifying events, the member can be upgraded to the Ultimate plan the 1st day of the month following completion of all early upgrade steps.

The steps below are intended for nicotine exposed members that have recently quit nicotine, and would like to upgrade to the Ultimate Plan Level:

Step 1
Contact Vanessa Rene, Tobacco Advocate, to determine which Medical Qualifying Events you need to complete

Once you have completed all Qualifying Events you are eligible to UPGRADE to the Ultimate Plan this year rather than waiting until January 1.

Step 2
Complete the applicable items below

Qualifying Lab Work

Lab work must be drawn at a designated site only, and completed within 60 days prior to your Wellness Exam. For labs done at a Quest Patient Service Center or Work Site, you must login to the Blueprint System to order an EREQ Electronic Lab Test Requisition online.

Login Information

  • Log in as: “Not Yet Registered" if you did not login to the Blueprint System last year. Or as "Returning User Sign In" if you logged in last year.
  • Registration Key: Manatee
  • Your Unique ID#: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY) + Last 4 digits SS#

Wellness Exam and Age-Based Screenings

Schedule your exam with your Primary Care Physician. You must take your completed lab results with you to this appointment along with the Wellness Exam Form. Forms are posted on the website. Check the Wellness Exam Form and make sure that all age-based screenings are also completed. Form must be submitted to EHB by August 31st.

Diabetes Care Program (if Diabetic)

In order to qualify for the Ultimate Plan, persons with Diabetes must complete all items annually on the Diabetes Qualifying Form. Forms are posted in the Diabetes section of the website.

Step 3
2nd verifying lab draw

Make sure that you have completed the required 2 lab draws a minimum of 90 days apart; all lab draws and above qualifying events and paperwork must be completed and submitted to EHB by AUGUST 31. Contact Vanessa Rene to order your 2nd lab draw and to confirm that you have completed all events to upgrade.

Meet Your Pharmacy Advocate

Vanessa Rene, CPhT-Adv, RPhT

Pharmacy Technician / Benefits Specialist

Vanessa began her career in the medical field with the US Navy as a hospital corpsman and has been a pharmacy technician since 2009. She holds an Advanced Pharmacy Technician Certification by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and is registered with the State of Florida. Vanessa has a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management. She has also earned the Google Data Analytics certificate

Vanessa Rene