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Additional Life Insurance

Additional Life Insurance

Additional Employee Term Life Insurance

Employees may elect additional life insurance for themselves, their spouse, and/or child(ren).

What Is the Additional Term Life Insurance Benefit?

Additional Term Life Insurance Benefit is a 100% employee paid benefit that gives you the option to apply for one (1) time base annual salary up to six (6) times base annual salary rounded to the next $5,000. The minimum benefit is $20,000, and the maximum benefit is $750,000.

I already have an Additional Life policy. Will My Premium Increase Effective January 1?

The current Additional Life Insurance premiums are guaranteed through December 31st of the current year. However, your premium is determined by your age as of January 1 of the current year and your salary as of October 1 the previous year. Each year your premium may change if:

  1. Your age change moves you into a new age bracket
  2. Your salary change moves you into the next salary bracket.

Example: If your salary increases from $29,000 to $30,500, your premium rate changes from the $30,000 salary bracket to $35,000.

Example: If your age changes from 44 to 45 prior to January 1, 2018 your premium rate changes to the next age year bracket (45-49).

How Much Additional Insurance May An Employee Purchase During the Annual Enrollment Period?

An employee may apply for additional Life insurance or apply to increase their additional Life insurance up to 6x their Base Salary at any time during the year. It is not restricted to the Annual Enrollment period. However, applicants are subject to Evidence of Insurability.

What If an Employee's Salary Increases During the Plan Year?

If the employees' salary increases during the plan year, the amount of insurance automatically increases. However, the semi-monthly payroll deduction for premium does not change until the following January.

When Must An Employee Complete An Additional Life Insurance Application?

An Employee desiring to increase their current coverage, or purchase New Additional Life Insurance must complete an Evidence of Insurability form.

When May An Employee Add or Change Their Additional Life Insurance Program Other Than during Open Enrollment?

Employees may apply to add or increase additional Life insurance at any time during the year subject to Evidence of Insurability.

Spouse Term Life Insurance

How Much Insurance may an Employee purchase for a Spouse policy?

A spouse policy is equal to 50% the amount of the employee's Additional Term Life Insurance up to a maximum of $25,000. During a New Employee's initial enrollment, no Evidence of Insurability is required.

How Much Additional Life Insurance May An Employee purchase for a Spouse policy After the employee's initial enrollment period?

An employee may apply for an amount of insurance up to 50% of the employee's Additional Term Life Insurance, up to $25,000, subject to Evidence of Insurability.

May an Employee's Spouse Who Is Also a County Employee Purchase Additional Life Insurance under both the Employee and the Spouse's Plan?

Yes. An employee can have Additional Employee Term Life and be insured as a spouse under another employee’s policy.

Will the spouse life increase due to an increase in the employee's volume?

Spouse Life insurance policies are capped at 25,000. If a spouse's life insurance volume is below 25,000, an increase in the employee's volume, will increase the spouse life volume, as well, up to the cap.

Will the Spouse's Life Insurance terminate at age 70?

Yes. The Spouse's Life Insurance terminates the end of the month that they reach age 70.

May an employee purchase Spouse Term Insurance without purchasing Employee Additional Term Insurance?

No. An employee must have their own additional life coverage in force to elect a Spouse policy.

May an employee purchase Child Term Insurance without purchasing Employee Additional Term Insurance?


Does The Right to Convert Include Spouse Insurance?

No. Spouse Insurance terminates with the employee's Last Day of Work.

Who is the beneficiary of my Spouse Term Life Insurance?

The employee is the beneficiary.

Child Term Life Insurance

What Is the Child Term Life Insurance Benefit?

The Child Term Insurance Benefit is $10,000 for each child. A new child is covered from the day of birth to the attainment of age 26. Child Life can be added without Evidence of Insurability.

What If I Select to Purchase Child Term Insurance During Open Enrollment?

Employees may add Child Term Life insurance during Open enrollment or at any time during the year.

Who is the beneficiary of my Child Term Life Insurance?

The employee is the beneficiary.

General Information

What Is Evidence Of Insurability?

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) pertains to certain medical standards a prospective insured must meet in order to be insured by an insurance company.

What Are The Evidence Of Insurability Rules?

The Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Rules are:

  1. EOI is not required when an employee's salary is increased.
  2. EOI is not required by a NEW EMPLOYEE who elects Additional Life Insurance during their initial employee enrollment period prior to the Employee's Effective Date. The Guarantee Issued Amount is: Employee up to $750,000, and Spouse $25,000.
  3. EOI is required by an Employee desiring to increase Additional Life Insurance or purchase Employee or Spouse Additional Life Insurance for the first time outside of New Employee Status or Family Status Change event.
What Is the Accelerated Benefit clause?

You may have the right to receive a portion of your Life Insurance benefit if you have a terminal medical condition which is reasonably expected to result in your death within 12 months.

When May An Employee Terminate Additional Life Insurance?

Life Insurance premiums are deducted post-tax which allows the flexibility to cancel a policy at end of any month throughout the year.