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Help to Quit

Help to Quit

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Manatee YourChoice Tobacco Cessation Program offers numerous, FDA-approved tobacco cessation aids at no cost to assist members in their cessation efforts.

Research demonstrates that coaching in combination with an effective tobacco cessation aid, greatly improves the likelihood of a success at quitting.

All Members, regardless of plan level, have access to the following cessation tools:

  • One-on-One Tobacco Cessation Coaching – Contact Vanessa to learn more.
  • Cessation Aids
  • Apps to Help Quit Smoking
  • Programs to Help Quit Smoking or Dipping

Vanessa Rene, CPhT, RPhT

Pharmacy Technician

Vanessa began her career in the medical field with the US Navy as a hospital corpsman, and has been a pharmacy technician since 2009. She is Certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, and registered with the State of Florida. Vanessa also has the PTCB Medication History Certificate and the Technician Product Verification Certificate.

Vanessa Rene