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Champion Winners



Kristi Hagen, Neighborhood Svcs, Wellness Champion of the Year

Kristi was amazing at coming up with so many different initiatives that supported physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental wellbeing. She worked hard to create connections for staff through activities and social emails. She kept me in the loop every step of the way and shared what she was doing along with educational materials and feedback she’d received. At one point I wondered if people thought the emails might be too much but from the end of year survey it was clear that was the best part for most!

Yvonne Gard and Elizabeth Thomas, MSO Ops Ctr, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Yvonne and Elizabeth took the ideas we shared at last year’s banquet and ran with it! They scheduled and facilitated events every month for the whole year, and offered opportunities for employees to provide feedback, which they shared with me. I was just really proud of how they were open to trying something new with their coworkers, were creative and actually had people that wanted to participate 😊.

Molly White, GT Bray, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Molly was so creative with her initiatives! So many were encouraged to participate - they began incorporating wellbeing initiatives into their day because of Molly’s events, emails, energy and attention. She too provided me with photos and updates throughout the year, and several positive testimonials.


Lin Sterner, South Branch Library, Wellness Champion of the Year

Tracy Hanrahan, County Attorney’s Office, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Bruno Kapacinskas, REO, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Mary Lysaght, Rocky Bluff Library, Wellness Champion Excellence Award


Carrie Flynn, MSO Dispatch, Wellness Champion of the Year

Chelsea Baker, Central Library, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Tina Friddle, PW Transit, Wellness Champion Excellence Award


Pat Damiano, Utilities Sewer Collection, Wellness Champion of The Year

Aaron Burkett, PW Traffic Ops, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Jennifer Marquette, Utilities Lift Station, Wellness Champion Excellence Award


Amy Boldin, MSO Central Jail, Wellness Champion of The Year

Carla Peebles, Utilities, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Debra Dickerman, MSO Dispatch, Wellness Champion Excellence Award


John Ward, PW Stormwater, Wellness Champion of the Year

Adam Steele, PW Stormwater, Wellness Champion Excellence Award


Donna DennisMSO Wellness Champion of the Year

Mimi TranClerk of Courts, Wellness Champion of the Year

Jim Larsen & Maria LoweryWellness Champion of the Year


Deputy Jane CaseyMSO - Wellness Champion of the Year

Ernie McFarlandPublic Safety - Wellness Champion of the Year

Allyson KalicharanMCAT - Wellness Champion of the Year

Sandra Zabriskie, MSO, Wellness Champion Excellence Award

Marion Hayes, Neighborhood Services, Wellness Champion Excellence Award