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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

  1. Implement an Employee Shout Out/Recognition Board: Staff Shout Out
  2. Implement a Gratitude Board: Gratitude Board Templates
  3. Brain breaks are important.  Here is a sample email for you to send to your staff:


“Remember to take your Brain Breaks!  Micro Breaks are a quick 2-3 minute pause from work helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday.”

Take a 2 min walk down the hall the stretch hips and legs

Roll your shoulders and wrists to loosen up tension from repetitive routines

Have a quick chat with a coworker

Try one of these 3 min videos to stretch upper body!



  1. Host a LAMP Advocate at your worksite to discuss programming for those dealing with emotionally challenging situations, issues of resiliency, etc - contact Randi McDowell x6469


  1. May is Mental Health Awareness Month.    Some ideas to promote this for your worksite:
  • Ask employees to wear green on May 14th or select a day of your choosing.
  • Fight the stigma associated with mental illness by asking your employees to take the Stigma Free Pledge.
  • Display the You Are Not Alone Flyer in a common area.