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Healthy Pregnancy Program

Healthy Pregnancy

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Healthy Pregnancy Resources

To encourage a Healthy Pregnancy it is recommended that you follow the steps below:

  • Complete all scheduled pre-natal office visits per physician’s orders
  • Be compliant in taking pre-natal vitamins as prescribed by your physician.
  • Complete a Nutrition Advocate Consultation. You are eligible to use all 5 FREE sessions if you choose. Visits include discussion of essential nutrients during pregnancy, tips for healthy eating before and after pregnancy, necessary pregnancy weight gain and healthy weight loss after birth. Please contact Natalia Garcia for your appointment
  • If diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes or have existing diabetes contact the YourChoice Diabetes Educator for guidance.
  • Complete an Exercise Consultation. You are eligible to use all 5 FREE Sessions if you choose. The Fitness Advocate will help you modify your workout and teach you stretches to alleviate back pain and prepare your body for labor. We offer 2 trainers as prenatal resources: Tracy Lightburne and Natalie Monti
  • Meet with a Mental Health Advocate. The LAMP Advocate will discuss mental health resources and what to expect postpartum. You are eligible to use all 5 Free Sessions if you choose to continue. Please contact Randi McDowall
  • If a tobacco user, participate in one of the YourChoice Tobacco Cessation Program options. Please contact Vanessa Rene at

Any questions about these resources can be directed to Nurse Advocate Debbie Miskell, RN at 941-748-4501 x6407

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Meet Your Wellbeing Advocate

Debbie Miskell, RN

Nurse Advocate

Debbie joined the team at Manatee YourChoice Health Plan in May 2018. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, Debbie earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Akron. She brings more than 30 years of nursing experience to the Manatee YourChoice team.

Debbie Miskell, RN