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Diabetes Qualifying Choices

Diabetes Qualifying Choices

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Your Qualifying Choice is based on if you are recently diagnosed with diabetes (from 6/1/19 to 5/31/21), or are a new enrollee (since 9/1/19) and have not ever completed Diabetes Qualifying previously.

-OR -

If you have already completed Diabetes Qualifying at least once, then your Qualifying Choice is based on your 2020 A1C. If you did not complete annual county lab work in 2020, your 2019 A1C value will be used.

We strive to make these choices interesting and valuable to you, as well as convenient as possible.

A Fresh Start

Start over with good diabetes care! Review the basics and put new healthy habits in place.

Diabetes Status
Next Steps
Newly diagnosed (6/1/19 to 5/31/21) and New enrollee (since 9/1/19) Attend Survival Skills classes: “The Basics of Diabetes Care” AND “What Can I Eat” either in-person or virtual option.
2020 A1C 7.0 or below You do not need to do anything other than the requirements for all members with diabetes.
2020 A1C 9.0 and above

Obtain A1C lab every 3 months starting 1/1/21 followed with visit to treating physician (record on Diabetes Log form)


Attend Survival Skills classes: “The Basics of Diabetes Care” AND “What Can I Eat” either in-person or virtual option.

Type 2s 2020 A1C 7.1-8.9

Attend Survival Skills classes: “The Basics of Diabetes Care” AND “What Can I Eat” either in-person or virtual option.


Take 16 week digital Omada T2 Diabetes program (must start by May 1)

Type 1s 2020 A1C 7.1-8.9

Participate in one of the Type 1 Zoom Listening Sessions


Attend Survival Skills classes: “The Basics of Diabetes Care” AND “What Can I Eat” either in-person or virtual option.

We all could use a fresh start. That is why everyone with diabetes who would like to review the important basics of diabetes care has the opportunity to refresh by taking the Diabetes Survival Skills series again. This program has been updated with the latest information and should be beneficial to all.

Survival Skills – In person option

Must attend two classes:

1. The Basics of Diabetes Care
2. What Can I Eat?

Important – These classes can not be scheduled until County meeting rooms are available when distancing restrictions have been lifted. We encourage you to take advantage of the virtual Survival Skills option, which you can do at any time.

Register here.

Survival Skills – Virtual option

How to access and receive credit for attending The Survival Skills Classes online, “The Basics of Diabetes Care and What Can I Eat”.

Step 1: Watch the 9 video Lessons at your convenience.

  1. Lesson 1 What is Diabetes?
  2. Lesson 2 What you need to know about diabetes medications
  3. Lesson 3 My blood sugar did that? Why and how to test your blood sugar
  4. Lesson 4 Diabetes can be complicated
  5. Lesson 5 You got to move it – Exercise!
  6. Lesson 6 The myth of the diabetes diet
  7. Lesson 7 Sugar is sweet
  8. Lesson 8 Your food environment
  9. Lesson 9 The Blender. Putting it together.

Step 2: Register for a Live Zoom Wrap Up session to answer your questions and for a chance to win some prizes. (see need to know info below). 

Step 3: Take Final Quiz at Classmarker. During the wrap up session, you will also receive a link to take the final quiz which is required for full credit. This is a brief and straightforward quiz just to confirm you watched each of the 9 lessons and to make sure you reviewed the essential information on Survival Skills for Diabetes. Must get 70% correct to pass and receive your certificate of completion. You will receive credit just by passing and we will be notified. Retain your certificate as proof if needed. You must complete the quiz with a passing score of 70% by 11:59 PM on August 31, 2021 in order to use this choice to qualify for the 2022 Ultimate/Best Plan.

Need To Know Information:
  • To join the Live Wrap Up Zoom Session on your computer Desktop or laptop there is no download necessary. Simply click on Zoom link that will be emailed to you when you register for a session. At the appropriate date and time and it should open to the Live Wrap Up Zoom Session.
  • If using a cell phone/mobile device, download Zoom from the App store to any mobile device. It's free and simple to log in and create an account in less than 1 min

Digital Omada Type 2 Diabetes Program

A 16-week online digital health program for both weight loss/maintenance and better blood sugar control. Includes lessons, a digital scale, temporary use of a Freestyle Libre sensor, group dynamics and coaching. (Sorry, but this choice is only available for those with 2020/2019 A1C at 7.1 to 8.9.)

To begin, watch for an email invitation or click here to check eligibility, be assigned to a group, and get started. Must start by May 11th in order to complete this program by 8/31/21 deadline.

Zoom Listening Session for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

Want to let us know what you may want and need? Try a listening session. Engage with us in an interactive group conversation along with other members who are also living with Type 1 diabetes, so we can listen to what you may need and want in order to support you in all you care to do for your health.