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HiiP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is HiiP and why is it the new Health Bucks program?

A: The Health Improvement & Incentive Program is focused on improving the overall health of our employees, a major goal of the Manatee YourChoice Team. Recent data shows that there are many underlying health conditions that our employees are struggling to manage. As health professionals, the YourChoice team felt that it was important to help address these issues on a more individual and interactive basis. Our employees are the nuts and bolts of the organization and without them, the organization cannot perform at its optimum level.

Q. Why did Health First go away?

A. In moving away from Health First, one of our goals was to work towards early detection and prevention of disease. Health First, which focused solely on Metabolic Syndrome, was an effective tool for diagnosis and treatment of that disease but fell short of our goals of early detection and prevention. Using a full panel of lab values, HiiP allows employees to work with the YourChoice team to address any lab value as soon as it is out of a healthy range, with the goal of preventing disease in the long term.

Q. There have been other incentive programs over the years with a higher award amount. Why does the county keep changing the plan?

A. For the last two years an employee has only been able to earn personally $400 in Health Bucks. This new program allows the employee to earn up to $600. The increase in incentive earnings is based on participation in the plan that requires additional steps to earn the incentive.

Q. I see that if someone completed Prescription for Health Full along with Happy Body, Happy Mind, Get to Know MYC and Blueprint for Wellness Labs, they could earn $700, but I also see that the maximum is set at $600. How much can I really earn?

A. The maximum incentive earning for HiiP is $600. We welcome employees to participate in all wellness activities they qualify for, regardless of cash incentive.

Q. Last year, my lab values were in range. They haven’t changed, but this year I was out of range. Why?

A. In past years, Health Bucks programs were tied to Metabolic Syndrome, a specific disease state with very specific lab value ranges. This year, we felt it would be more beneficial to look at the overall health of our employee members, and therefore, expanded HiiP to include the full panel of lab work using universal standard ranges. For example, in Health First, an out-of-range Blood Pressure was 130/90 or above, but HiiP uses the more conventional standard of 120/80.

Q. Why don’t my spouse or dependents qualify?

A. With a new program that is so robust and interactive, we need to focus our Advocates and resources on our employee health plan members only this year. As we progress through the program year, we will analyze how manageable the participation is. At that point, we can reevaluate the inclusion of dependents in the program moving forward.

Q. My spouse is also an employee, is he/she eligible to participate?

A. Yes, if your spouse completed their Blueprint for Wellness Labs last year, they are eligible for the Prescription for Health programs. If they did not, they are still eligible for Happy Body, Happy Mind, Get to Know MYC and Blueprint for Wellness Labs.

Q. Can new employees participate?

A. Yes, new employees are still eligible for Happy Mind, Happy Body, Get to Know MYC and Blueprint for Wellness Labs. To receive the Health Bucks, new employees much have a Benefits Effective Date prior to December.

Q. Why are there different earning amounts tied to the different levels of Prescription for Health?

A. The main focus of this program is health improvement. Prescription for Health Full requires an 8 week time commitment with active engagement each week and was created with the hopes of instilling lifestyle changes for a positive health outcome. Prescription for Health Lite and Prescription for Health Zero are both simple activities, with the goal of leading our employees to resources that can help them on their journey to optimal health. Employees that complete the Lite or Zero activities can still earn up to $400 additional Health Bucks with other HiiP activities.

Q. If I have already completed my Blueprint Labs this year, can I use those results?

A. The HiiP program was designed with lab data collected in the prior year. For completing your Blueprint Labs this year, you will earn $100 Health Bucks and those results will inform your HiiP Prescription for Health next year.