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Happy Body

Happy Body

A happy body is not defined by how often you go to the gym or how you look in the mirror. Physical fitness is simply the ability to perform daily activities - we're not asking you to run a 5k or do CrossFit. The Happy Body activity will evaluate 2 key areas of fitness-balance and posture.

Each Happy Body session is simple and short in length. At the end of the Happy Body session, your Fitness Advocate will guide you in selecting one area to improve upon and direct you to available FREE resources.

Get Started

By June 30, 2022 schedule your Happy Body session with a Fitness Advocate. 

Book with a Fitness Advocate based on your last name.

  • Last Names A-K: Julie Drackett
  • Last Names L-Z: Allison Minardi

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Earn $100 in Health Bucks after completing a Happy Body session with a Fitness Advocate.