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Blueprint Labs

Blueprint Labs

Our blood can tell us a lot about our health. That is why it is part of Qualifying Events and why we're giving you $100 for completing this activity. 

Fasting Lab Work must be completed at a Designated Lab Draw site no later than June 30th. NOTE: Your lab results from this year will determine your eligibility for Prescription for Health in 2023.

Designated Lab Draw Sites
  1. Quest Patient Service Center (PSC) Must order an EREQ online for this location prior to arrival.
    • Online Appointment Scheduling available at time of completing your EREQ or call 1-855-623-9355.
  2. All For Life (Previously known as IMM Industrial Medical Management) EREQ's not available for this location.
    • MSO Operations Center for MSO Personnel only – Walk-Ins on Tuesday/Thursday, 8:30-10:30am, (941) 780-6161
    • Upon arrival request a "Manatee/Blueprint for Wellness Test REQ"

Get Started

Follow the below steps to Schedule a Lab Draw and/or to Create an EREQ for labs done at a Quest PSC:
  • Go to Blueprint for Wellness
  • Enter your username and Password under "Log In" if you logged in within the past few years
    Click "Create Account" if you have not logged in previously.

    The Registration Key is Manatee.
    The Unique ID# is participant's Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY) + Last 4 Digits SS#.
  • Choose "Schedule A Screening".
    Follow steps to schedule appt which will create your EREQ.
    It is recommended you print the requisition and take to your lab draw.
  • Forgot User Name and/or Password? 1-855-623-9355

    Create EREQ

Earn $100 Health Bucks when you complete your lab work by June 30.