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Qualifying Events


Qualifying FAQ

Qualifying FAQ

2020 Qualifying Events Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I still need to complete the online tobacco course or diabetes criteria to keep my current plan level?

A. No. All Qualifying Events are waived this year.


Q. What if I still want to do my lab work – is it still covered at no-pay?

A. Yes. Your QE lab work is still covered 100% no matter what plan level you are in. You will still need to complete an EREQ to complete your QE labs, which is the same labs needed for Health Bucks programs.

Q. What if I do labs in September or October, am I eligible for Health Bucks?

A. No. You would NOT be eligible for 2021 Health Bucks since that deadline is 8/31/20. However, you would be eligible for 2022 Health Bucks based on your results.


Q. If I want to earn Health First Health Bucks for 2021 what do I have to do?

A. Complete your lab draw at Quest no later than 8/31/20. If you have 3 or more green check marks (in range) you automatically earn health bucks applied to paychecks in 2021.If you have 3 or more red values (out of range), set up an appointment for a personalized plan no later than 8/31/20 by going to

Q. Can I still earn Diabetes Mission Control Health Bucks?

A. Yes. Complete your lab work at Quest by August 31st. If you meet the criteria, you will earn Health Bucks automatically.


Q. This was going to be my first year completing QE’s, does that mean I’ll remain in the Ultimate Plan another year?

A. Yes. Whatever plan level you are in right now (2020) is the same plan level you will be in for 2021.


Q. Can I still work with Advocates on my health goals?

A. Yes, all of our advocates are available to support you via telehealth options. Feel free to reach out via email or phone if you would like assistance.