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Qualifying Events


Nicotine Exposed: Qualifying Requirements

Nicotine Exposed: Qualifying Requirements

Tobacco Qualifying Events

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Nicotine exposed members are not eligible for the Ultimate Plan Level. Instead, nicotine exposed members are eligible for the Best Plan Level by completing Qualifying Events.


You will need to complete the following criteria by August 31st to qualify for the BEST PLAN LEVEL:

  • Lab Work
  • Wellness Exam
  • Age Based Screenings
  • Diabetes Care Program Criteria (if diabetic)
Who is considered to be Nicotine Exposed?

You are considered Nicotine Exposed if you use any type of tobacco product; i.e. chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, pipe, nicotine replacement therapies, e-cigarettes that contain nicotine in any amount, or are exposed to significant amounts of nicotine which could result in a positive cotinine lab test. A non-nicotine exposed member is defined as an individual that has remained nicotine free for 90 consecutive days beginning with a negative cotinine lab test. Nicotine exposure is tested through qualifying lab work. Refer to the Tobacco Program Guidelines for more details.

Vanessa Rene, CPhT, RPhT

Pharmacy Technician

Vanessa began her career in the medical field with the US Navy as a hospital corpsman, and has been a pharmacy technician since 2009. She is Certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, and registered with the State of Florida. Vanessa also has the PTCB Medication History Certificate and the Technician Product Verification Certificate.

Vanessa Rene