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Natalie Monti

Natalie Monti

Personal Trainer/HiiP Resource

Natalie Monti

Natalie specializes in improving posture, mobility, and balance which are the 3 components assessed during the Happy Body session for the new HiiP Program.  For almost 30 years, Natalie has studied and worked in the health and fitness industry. She is highly trained in multiple, integrated disciplines that enable her to most effectively respond to the needs of her clients. With her years of experience, she has worked with a diversity of clients. They range from professional athletes improving their fitness levels to individuals working to improve their daily lives through health and wellness.

As a Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certified Instructor, a Registered Yoga Teacher a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Mad Dogg SPIN Instructor, Natalie has the training, experience and knowledge to assist clients to utilize diverse modalities and meet their fitness, health and wellness goals. With these diverse techniques, Natalie can assist clients in improving their strength, flexibility, stability and fitness levels.

Most importantly, Natalie cares about her clients designing sessions that meet individual goals and needs.